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witek golik is a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on bringing a sensorial and emotional element into everyday life.


witek golik was founded in 2015 by Sisse Witek and Martyna Golik as a result of their common curiosity and shared visions. They believe that the senses play an important role in making intriguing and meaningful design. With eagerness to investigate new aesthetics, they find inspiration through both traditional and modern materials and techniques. The studio’s projects are characterized by the development of artistic concepts into honest products that engage and inspire the user.

At the moment witek golik is focusing on both self-initiated as well as commercial projects for international design brands.



Sisse Witek

Through education and work Sisse has knowledge in various textile techniques and manufacturing processes, both when it comes to generating ideas and aesthetics directly in the material and when it comes to following production. Sisse studied textile design with a focus on interior. She received her education from the Royal Danish Design School and did exchange at Design Academy Eindhoven. Besides her studies, she worked on interior projects, product design and exhibition design. Through research and experiment she is always seeking new impressions and aesthetics.

Martyna Golik

Following her education in fine arts and textile art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland, Martyna gained her MA degree in textile design at the Royal Danish School of Design in Copenhagen. She worked within the fields of food, event and product/textile design in Milan and Copenhagen.
Martyna has vast expertise in concept development, creative research and space ideation as well as managing production on site. As an ever-curious person, Martyna searches for interesting concepts and meanings through continuous research on ideas, traditions and places.


What we do


Textile Design
We follow the process from research and concept development through the production phase to reach a finished product. We got design expertise and technical knowledge in various techniques ranging from weaving, knitting, pattern building, developing prints, quilting, rug making, making repeats, upholstery techniques and color matching.

Creative direction
With an analytical approach we focus on material and colour research, objects and interiors. We do everything from small scale consultancy to supporting brands on a holistic level. We also do trend forecasting and help to present future design directions through moodboards and custom-made style books.

Product Design
We seek to question existing products and aesthetics and believe that it is within crossing design disciplines that new aesthetics appear. In designing products we apply our textile and artistic perception and put a special focus on materiality, tactility and the details. We have an expertise with both craft- and industrial manufacturing processes as well as overseeing production.

Set design, styling and editorial   
From concept to realization we do various styling and editorial assignments. We offer diverse services from window installations and shop interior design to styling photoshoots. We are looking for assignments within these fields.    




Comfort Collection

Comfort Collection is inspired by daily home routines. The project investigates the notion of comfort in our everyday lives - does comfort lie in our backs or in our brains?

Domestic objects could be viewed as practical tools for surviving the day but, on the other hand, could also be seen as influencers of our mood and sense of comfort. With this thought in mind, we worked on analyzing domestic objects in order to create a collection of products centered on sensorial qualities.

Through interaction with our perception, the objects make us feel present in our daily lives and, at the same time, positively affect our well-being through a physical and emotional relationship.

The Comfort Collection consist of a series of 3 rugs and 3 mirrors each relating to household objects. The products challenge our perception by activating our senses and make us more aware of the moment.



Textile collection and textile identity for NOMESS Copenhagen.

The work for NOMESS Copenhagen consisted of creating a first textile collection along with textile identity that would fit to NOMESS’ philosophy.

NOMESS is a brand that is keen on innovative and modern materials and has contemporary and vibrant aesthetics. Our aim was to create a modern and original textile profile, which through its materiality would give a surprising and appealing tactile experience - thus making domestic activities a special experience.

The collection consists of quilted and embroidered memory foam cushions and woven tea towels in bold colors. The products are made using both unusual materials as well as traditional ones with a modern twist.





We are always curious about new opportunities and collaborations and will be happy to hear from you!


Sisse Witek +45 40527678

Martyna Golik +45 52744566

instagram @witekgolik



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