Comfort Collection

Does comfort lie in our back or in our brain?

Comfort Collection is inspired by daily home routines. The project investigates the notion of comfort in our everyday lives - does comfort lie in our backs or in our brains?

Domestic objects could be viewed as practical tools for surviving the day but, on the other hand, could also be seen as influencers of our mood and sense of comfort. With this thought in mind, we worked on analyzing domestic objects in order to create a collection of products centered on sensorial qualities.

Through interaction with our perception, the objects make us feel present in our daily lives and, at the same time, positively affect our well-being through a physical and emotional relationship.


Comfort Collection consist of a series of 3 rugs the products challenge our perception by activating our senses and make us more aware of the moment. The Rugs are working as a modular collection and they could be used together or separately. Thanks to the chunky relief effect and the placement of color, they change expression depending on the viewpoint. The rugs are tufted in 100% New Zealand wool and are carved by hand that creates a three dimensional effect.


The project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

 RUM - Styling: Pernille Vest, Photo: Frederik Lindstrøm

RUM - Styling: Pernille Vest, Photo: Frederik Lindstrøm