What we do



Textile Design
We follow the process from research and concept development through the production phase to reach a finished product. We got design expertise and technical knowledge in various techniques ranging from weaving, knitting, pattern building, developing prints, quilting, rug making, making repeats, upholstery techniques and color matching.

Creative direction
With an analytical approach we focus on material and colour research, objects and interiors. We do everything from small scale consultancy to supporting brands on a holistic level. We also do trend forecasting and help to present future design directions through moodboards and custom-made style books.

Product Design
We seek to question existing products and aesthetics and believe that it is within crossing design disciplines that new aesthetics appear. In designing products we apply our textile and artistic perception and put a special focus on materiality, tactility and the details. We have an expertise with both craft- and industrial manufacturing processes as well as overseeing production.

Set design, styling and editorial   
From concept to realization we do various styling and editorial assignments. We offer diverse services from window installations and shop interior design to styling photoshoots. We are looking for assignments within these fields.